The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


yeah, I heard the 650s have nice bass. though, the consensus online is that 600s have a more neutral sound, so might be better for mixing / mastering.


Had a chance to move some stuff around due to carpet cleaning, still a wip but the cable routing is coming together much better than it used to be ( i still have a ground loop hum on my other amp/dj gear that is driving me nuts tho :frowning: ). The goal is to flip a switch and have everything turn on and ready to go. In the past it was always a bit of a set-up getting everything going each time. Also scavenged a reverb tank from a broken Marshall amp that I plan to route in.


damn son. nice setup


Thanks man, the other side of the room is p fun as well hehe

I will say tho, like 70% of my gear has been pulled from ‘dumpsters’ or given to me for free, some of it very broken and repaired by myself. @mks knows what im talking about, he’s got some saying for it, technological detritus or sommat


Your place is choice - hanging out doing SubFM shows is a lot of fun. Chill vibes… trees. And bass. And the occasional curious deer lol.


That is it.


Here is my set-up last week. Pulled the Moog out.


nice. 360 from production to DJing. i’m gonna be like you when i grow up.


My brother gave me his old JBLs for my bday (much to his wife’s delight)




Do you have an emergency switch for lightning and such btw ?
Think you can buy one cheap in any convenience store.
All that gear etc


yeah everything is behind protective circuits and battery back up for the computer




is that an S2000 :sunglasses:



3000* :metal:


the mother in me wrote that post btw




couple eggy pics of my basement


I need some monitors…