The Classic "Take a Photo of Your Set-Up" Thread


Kinda disappointed that white orb to the right of your screen isn’t some futuristic psychic monitor kinda thing, ah well!


What kind of desk is that? Diy?





My messy mancave😜


Can’t wait to get my own place.

ATM a laptop on the table is my setup and I’m starting to rly miss my monitors (which died, I think from smoke and dust).


Well its used as a headphone holder, but yeah its other uses include Mood lighting and Psychic non contact production methods…


Sort of, just a cheap desk from Ikea matched with some legs from there too!


tape deck on cinderblocks >>>


Its wood☺


nice! that Copycat delay :heart_eyes_cat:

got any links to you music online?



Curmee a OG if not mistaken :thinking:


Not mine but inspiring af


thats a sweet lil set up


got the mini setup going, kinda regret not bringing the dp4 tho

dj too lazy to buy furniture - kitchen sink beats


i would kill that set up with a cup of coffee + sound of an unexpected phone call during loopmonging stage

but its fucking neat


a few days ago, managed to squeeze another TT on the left by going battle style


Want to slowly turn my spare room into a studio. Firstly I need a desk… where do good desks? I’ve briefly looked on like IKEA and stuff but they’re all pretty shit office desks not big enough to have hardware and stuff on.

Any good suggestions?


What do you plan to put on it exactly?