The Greys - Notions Of Emotions [Gradient Audio] Out Now

As British as a jug of cold gravy, The Greys drop their eagerly awaited
debut album ‘Notions of Emotions’ after years of playing some of the
biggest international festivals and raves in the underground bass music
scene. Having made a name for himself producing the kind of dubstep that
turns animals albino – the increased international exposure shines
through in the sheer diversity of the work on show. From the classic
minimalist dub tones of ‘Gizmo’ and ‘500 Years’; the more spacey melodic
vibes of ‘Need You’ and beautifully reassuring ‘Closed Minds’; the dark
garage vibes of ‘Leaving’ and the subconscious late night warping of ‘2
Paris’ – the influences and development from The Greys exposure to the
wider scene is clear. With the likes of Ganja White Night on remix duty –
the new pedigree of the UK based outfit is clear. Moody, uplifting and
savage in equal degree - ‘Notions of Emotions’ displays a rare passion
for a wide range of rich electronica, cherry-picking the international
scene with the immensely satisfying yorkshire pudding spin of the UK
sound. One to watch.

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