the retard magnet thread


Real dubsteppers don’t dance. They just hold their drinks in their hands and slowly bang their heads and little swing on the body.

(there was an art about it by Monsta and now I can’t find it)

Got some pretty underground oldschool Dubstep here

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dub in its purest form


I Love Underground Dubstep.

Gonna do this next time I’m at System

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I saw a guy trying to break dance at a night once, like trying to do spins on the floor and shit :cornlol:


I like being 6’1" - the further away I am from club floors the better. Grim af.

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Norwegian dude haddip does some amazing popping. Glitching it out proper.

Fuck me this thread haha

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Who was that last post you deleted? Shoulda gave him ‘Toofy’ as his grey title

Some bot

I just put up this new dubstep dance video; please do check it out

Killing Quarantine with a Healthy Dance Montage - YouTube

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything up, so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks! :+1:

Dancing to some music that isn’t complete shite would be a start…


Some sweet moves here…

This is beyond shit.


Seriously and why the is there a mic? wtf is he even doing with it?

That’s no mic, that’s a chinese anal swab

merge with cringe thread?

Thought that this one was pretty good