The (T)Rap House ffs

man i want this to be a real phone recording

i saw migos last night
definitely worth going to



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What does drill mean?

to “do a drill” is basically to go shoot up a block

“we drillin shit” etc

Being 1hunna rn that Lil Nas X tune is such a banger

the flow levels these days is getting silly

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Earth people, New York and California.

Earth people, I was born on Jupiter.

prolly could do with a chief keef appreciation thread, just too many

Oi m8s how is 40 Water’s flow still so fucking tight?

shame hes having a mood but dude can spit

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*one of the reasons, but that’s a very, very minor reason compared to a lot of shit that happened in 2017 lol.
edit: also I really enjoyed listening to Red Light back in 2018 (when my mental health was considerably improved)

Trying to not to listen to any emo stuff this summer but I’m hating myself rn cause this track by shinigami is so good.

I love the production (ripsquadd’s great) even tho I could care less about the lyrics.

I found out about this guy’s work through the most stupid stuff ever, there was this album people wouldn’t stop talking about on my twitter timeline, ‘1000 gecs’, so I decided to check it out.

I skimmed through this album, and it’s just entirely fucked. “Auditory shitpost” is the most apt description for it. It’s so blatantly tongue in cheek yet so fun and catchy. Shinigami did a remix on one of the tracks also.

this clean version bangs

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prod pierre

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Current mood