The (T)Rap House ffs

Just copped the repress of this

Can anyone recommend any stones throw (that isnt stones throw) or new boom bap hip-hop?

I dunno how you guys can listen to that autotune hi-hat bro stuff man. Weighty though.

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Checking out Cal Chuchestas new mixtape:

new ugly mane x nickelus f


This mix everysingle time

Last 3 are pretty UK-centric which everyone isn’t always up 4 but undeniably booom baps

dl incognito - proof


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ive been waiting like a kid waiting for christmas

tune of september

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found an old CD I burned with this on it

harry love is a badman producer

and the jill dando line. greez

too funny

Interesting no doubt. But it’s a shame thugger doesn’t understand the questions because they are good questions. Still brings some ok interesting answers.


This French ■■■■■ the only interviewer to get Thug to speak in complete sentences lmao

there’s a drill thread for chief keef type music

fuck u^

new amber london with a NEW SGP beat thats sick

hed been slacking a little past few weeks with the beats hed uploaded but this ones large

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hahahah the ‘art’ is great