This Tune Came from a Dark Place

For this one I was really focused more on atmosphere and overall vibe: Basically I wanted to convey anger, hate, and to create a bleak atmosphere. What are your thoughts on the execution? (Mixing, writing and arranging, samples, sound design etc.)

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Ok, minor notes:

The intro flows too well, actually - for creating tension it helps to break things up, make it more jarring or unexpected. Just put some more negative spaces in there in such a way that it’s not just quantized or symmetrical. In fact, it’s probably safe to say you could work subtractively at this point - start removing elements until the point that it almost just stops working and then finalize it.

LOVE that animal growl sample and think it could be used more - but subtly, subtly - like a layer on the bass or something, or some timestretch business.

Overall the tune is dark but maybe not quite as aggro as your description or the name might imply… and that’s totally ok because it works at the level it’s at now but maybe think about toning down the packaging as it were.

More variety in variations/parts/sections would make me happy but that’s just me.

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Damn, the atmosphere of this is sick. I think it definitely communicates “dark” very effectively. The anger and hate part of it may not be quite as prominent though. But other than that I really like the atmospheric sound design of this a lot. A lot of interesting reverberations and soundscapes.

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Drums really add motion for sure but i think in some places the synths sound a little out of time and hard to listen to :slight_smile:

Mixdown sounds decent to my ears but thats definately a personal thing, i would possibly sidechain the kick to bass if u havent already and make the kick punch more :smile:

Honestly mate this sounds sick. The intro is great and I love the interplay between the drums and the bass. Aside from the fact that it’s a great tune I’d say the whole thing conveys the emotions you’re trying to present pretty well. Nice one man, don’t suppose you’ve got a DL link for this anywhere?

really like your reese bass…could have eqed it a bit differently imo…nonetheless great track

Really nice, I would suggest that if this was my tune I would probably try to make more prominent transitions/pauses by emphasising them with additional swooshes or something.