To spin thy record or not to spin, that is the question

I just got the most affordable copy of Karma’s How Ya Feel 12" (SYSTM002) I could find. It’s basically mint, I played it once to make sure there weren’t any flaws. But every other copy is going for double what I paid on Discogs. What do you guys think, do I hold on to this for resale, or do I allow myself to DJ the record out? I really want to include it in my sets, esp. Smear Dub, but I’m hesitant. What do you guys do with records you paid a lot for, sought-after records? Like if you had DMZ002 would you play it out?

Any advice is useful.

Play it mate its what its made for

All Systems are getting repressed at some point Big-Viv-Sound-Operator said anyway

Yeah play it definitely, what you could do though is record both sides either as a 320 or wav before you play it too much. That’s what I do with most of my plates then I feel less bad about playing them

Thanks for the advice guys, not sure why I’m so torn about this, I guess I just feel like I paid a lot of money so I should protect it, but you’re right @Johoosh they’re meant to be played so I might as well. And yes @CreamLord great idea about recording mp3/wav files from the 12" gonna do that now haha.

What Would Mala Do?


Why’d you buy it and not play it? There’s loads more profitable things to buy and sell other than vinyl, especially dubstep vinyl, if that’s what you wanna do.

Plus if you splashed out on it you should enjoy it. Vivek represses occasionally so don’t think those prices will last forever. Imagine holding onto it purely for profits sake and it gets repressed and worth a few quid.

Just play the record out and enjoy it unless you really care about flipping records, personally I see no point in having nice records and not playing them.
@Johoosh How Ya Feel has already been repressed once so might not happen.

Rip it then flip it.

Dubstep ‘tru heads’ are mostly fools who are willing to pay over the odds for things when it comes to vinyl. If you’re seeing the record for sale for far more than you’ve paid for it, then make a WAV rip of it then put the vinyl on discogs for the higher price.

No I definitely bought it with the intent of playing it, but mentally I got protective because of how much I spent, but you make a good point, why buy and not play, and since Viv says every release will get a repress, I assume he is including 002, but who knows, since it already got repressed I don’t know.

Got repressed cause of the mad prices tho, if there’s still mad prices going on I’d say another repress is likely. Maybe not for a few years but it’ll happen I reckon.

Fair enough then, a solid reason for VIVEK to do it and I wouldn’t mind a repress as my original copy is pretty warped.

Why oh why have you shelled out when viv has confirmed represses?

Edit: Didn’t realise 002 had already had a repress.

I paid far less than what the current price is on discogs, shelled way less than 100. Some people just get retarded with the pricing of albums on there.

I paid 6.99 lol

For real, play that sucker out! I have many pricey/dear records - dmz005, midnight, golden bullet, the goat stare, 9samurai, Commodo & innamind hype tingss - and I rinse them properly.


Yeah of course, I’m late to the game on that one, but I wanted the record bad

That bad you’re debating never playing it?

U wot son?

I guess what I meant is that I felt that if I didn’t jump on the one that was going for less than the average price, someone else might.

my mates wife got him anti war dub she spent doughs on tha ting… we spin that record, no fucks given…

use it what its made for… system music my G


“just copped a brilliant record, should i play it?” SMH…


Do you keep plastic covers on your sofa OP?