Trading Software

I was wondering if it was legal to trade software. For instance I have a key for Acid Pro 7 and Sound Forge audio studio, and I want to trade one of those keys for a legit copy of Xfer’s Serum. would that be possible?

Which country are you in? In the UK it’s legal to make copies of music you have in one format in another format so I assume you’d have to get rid of all copies if you sold one as you’re transferring ownership in a way that prejudices the copyright owner(s). I think it boils down to that, though the End User License Agreement may prohibit it

I’m not 100% sure but I think it’ll be illegal.


he’s not talking about music, but DAW/Plugin licenses.

I’d say this is highly dependent on the EULA of the particular product. There are sites (KVR i think?) for trading licenses

That’s why I asked which country it’s for, the music bit was a logical analogy

KVR eh? ill look it up…

If you have to buy a license/key to acitvate/use a DAW/plugin, then yes, it’s illegal afaik, unless you have a multi-computer install license, then it’s not.

I would err on the side of caution and keep it off the forum, or at least confined to PM.

some developers allow resale of their licenses

Here is the story: my uncle bought me a humble bundle, but only a couple of the items are useful to me. So I want to trade the items I don’t want for something I do want. As for licensing, I will look into that.

If you haven’t installed it then it should be fine as it hasn’t been ‘used’ and tied to you as the user who signed the agreement. A lot of software registers stuff online to check nowadays

I haven’t installed any of it

if anyone interested in trading PM me, never used and never will be.

selling or trading legit software licenses is not illegal at all…

as @syrup said, it purely depends on the EULA

Found the EULA
It states:
7. Transfer and subsidiary agreements
You may not lend, lease or sublicense the MAGIX product temporarily or permanently. However, you may transfer the license for use of the MAGIX product as a whole to a third party, provided that you completely remove all installations from your computer and do not retain any backup copies. You must then release all MAGIX product license slots in your user account and allow the third party to register the MAGIX product in their user account. If the aforementioned conditions are not fulfilled, any transfer of the license of a MAGIX product requires the express consent of MAGIX.

Photo proof

So… PM me if you are interested in trading your Xfer Serum for similar value of software.

EDIT: Oh and I can trade MP3 Deluxe 9, here are links to the product pages:

Acid Pro 7: worth 150$ USD

Sound Forge 12: Worth 60$

MP3 Deluxe 9: worth 50$ USD

EDIT2: updated trading conditions