Tuna - The Legend Continues


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got a tuna from knobgoblin and have somthing myself, send yer tunas friends


Damn haven’t worked on anything :confused: been busy. Maybe I’ll pump a beat out after work



steve jobgoblin

mo better jizz

cant test the spencertron

faul of the house of usher


sammy davis jr


I’ll send mine when I get in



@knobgoblin mad ting, really feeling that distorted synth and that wobby bass at the end, is it another reaktor jam? can’t really critique it in terms of mixdown/sound design tbh, maybe it could do with a longer intro, less abrupt ending, but am nitpicking at this point

@jizz feels like you could mess with the piano sample more, don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool loop but you could have more variations, slice it, move slices around, see what sticks. the snare sounds a bit flat to me too, i would suggest trying to layer it with something else, maybe just some foley sound to make it snappier/give it more character

zauberfink: another mad beat, nice work on the cut up vocal sample, also wouldn’t mind if you want to expand on how you make your bass hit so hard, i suck at this, could use some pointers

adnor: am i mistaken or is it a variation of last week’s tuna? think i liked last week’s version better tbh, or maybe you could combine the two, like start with this week’s version, then breakdown and have that sick second drop with the amen break from last week

@cyclopian thats some messed up shit right here, i’d suggest sending this to a gyal you like and tell her you wrote it thinking of her, restraining order guaranteed
i feel the kick is not necessary tho, could just be a paranoia inducing ambient piece imo

@samuel_l_damnson feeling the melody in this, beat could use some more work (like fills, maybe break it down to sparser sections at times), i think it could do with some vocal sample as well, nothing over the top, maybe some phrase that you use to punctuate sections or something


depends i try to grap cool 808 samples and load them into a sampler. i mean some of those samples are pretty perfect but if i wanna add something than maybe some kind of multiband or little tube to raise the highs abit but keep the lows. hm sometimes sausagefattener which i guess is a multiband with some kind of soft or hardclipping and tube/distortion.
basically try to give it all the lowend room too if you go for a clean sound or let it press everything else away in the low end
you could play around with maybe two channels like keep the lows add some small reverb or change the tone totally sometimes sounds cool but yeah usually clean bass sounds better


dig the bass in this very oldschool warm. hm this one tshhh clap is maybe too loud
nice chords later on
beat i think you could take some stuff out here and there to maybe give it some change but it rolls nice
def good idea to take the snares away maybe even strip the beat even more down just bassdrum and bass ambient
but overall real cool tune
dig the ending too :slight_smile: maybe make something like this also like just bass and melodies layered sounds tight

dig the sample i think i heard it somewhere :confused: forgot though
hm i think the beat should roll more for this tight sample maybe just more hi hats lol

nice restrained intro i like :slight_smile:
oh yeah nice very clean idm hip hop yeah this time beat and sounds work better together than last week really like this one very calm <3
maybe layer some isan like pads underneath long warm notes could work here
but yeah finish that one for sure

nice intro too
yeah dig this the very low and feels bit muddy and i think all sounds work but maybe give them bit room reverb or hm dunno so they dont feel as put ontop of the rest
vocal sample is nice in the break
hm its definitly cool so far but i think you could give it bit more by just blending the drums with the samples tiny bit more
and this nice piano needs to come in the front

dronnnnnne maybe watch the super harsh freq at the start
dig the sounds and i know you are going for harsh sound here but maybe bring the bassdrum bit more in the front or more present and bring the super highs bit back haha but yeah would work in a movie i bet 80s like horror
hm i agree kick isnt needed but i think when its at the perfect place it gives like a hypnotic feel to it
but maybe sidechain more like to really make it breath in and out

maybe mix it more like this abit like still tension but warmer


@knobgoblin sickk grooves yeah. im starting to recognize some of the reese sounds too, in a good way. like you’re familiar with your gear, know what sounds you want etc. so every week there’s a consistency to it. the outro could even be a middle section, etc. hourlong jams, bore us all to excitement like

@BudSpencertron zauberfink sample is crazy. i reckon you can unleash this further, like the beat just goes stupid, all loud and wild. nice groove on the second half
adnor is more out there. synths are a beauty. ooh yes mate, feeling this. would be cool to hear how this one would finish up.

@faultier very subtle but great switchup from the usual. could defo work in a set. could also have a halftime section, breaking down. maybe get the rimshot alternating with some other hit too. it could get more engaging, if a lot are made and theres that feel for making house music

@cyclopian damnn. you know what, this might be even crazier without the 4/4. or the 4/4 is muted but it still sidechains, making the atmosphere groove into muteness hahah. its a trip though, not much to suggest.

@Samuel_L_Damnson nice and pretty m8. harambe funeral riddim imo. :salute:


Feedback (better late than never)

this is really weighty and the kik punches through nice. is this hardware? sounds really nice and earthy. especially the bass at the intro. the sort of cool pulsing resses are almost hypnotic and the cool detuned synth that comes in later really keeps the interest of the listener.

big up :wink:


Really like the beat, would love to hear some one spitting on this beat. got a sick vibe but its really like restrained compared to ur usual output. One thing id do is add a lot more low end to the kick or add a sub pulse at the begining of the phrase or something cos it feels a little light.
other than that its a vibe.


sickkkkkkkkk. not much to say about this just sick job.


really like this one, especially like how the sub has the higher end distortion to it (bit crusher ?). so yea its a nice sounding vibe and build up. are those synths used from last weeks, if so u smashed it!

one thing i would say is i think the break could be a little louder and more present cos its cool how it fades in and pops out half way thru but its stilla little quiet to me


I like the rhythm u have going with the beat, im aware that i keep telling people to add more bass, im starting to wonder if my cans are wearing out, but id probs tighten up the kick slightly and turn it up.

love the kinda warm bass end thogugh so dont over do it :wink:

digging the sample that comes in later on thats like “i want more” or something. sounds sick.


dope its like uber industrial film sound track murder music. i actually agree that maybe u could have a sub drone which is sidechained but mute the kick for a while so its pumping along with no kick and itd sound really cool, but then towards the end the kick could come in to increase the intensity. its be more tense sort of thing.
tbh tho sounds rly cool either way

so yea to wrap up probs check ur low ends in case im totally wrong cos i keep telling everyone to turn up the bass. kai li keeps telling me i say that all the time too lol



jizzus christ

faul of tarsus

budas iscariot



@Jizz liking the overall vibes, that mallet-ish synth and the way it interacts with the sub are cool, feels the beat could be more interesting, also the snare sample is a bit weak i find
the whole thing could do with a couple more elements to stay interesting throughout
not sure if its WIP or what but i would say its a strong foundation to build upon

@BudSpencertron nice one, actually i think this one could do with vocals, idk maybe an accapella or just a recurring vocal sample
maybe just my headphones but feels like the pad is fighting with the upper end of the sub for space in the mix, i’d suggest trying to fix that with eq/panning


@faultier emotional piece. really not sure what i can say tbh, just i hope you hear her out like

@BudSpencertron the snare could sound better imo. groove and general idea is great, the snare sounds a bit too hollow though. always get the same problem when working with 808 snares myself, so maybe this is just my preferences talking here. its deeper than the usual grime-y stuff, really rate it overall


dig the crackles :slight_smile:
artsy but all the sounds work together nicely dunnoo if its sth i would listen to without context but it definitly gives a robotic vibe like could be cool with some dancing robots to the beat and sounds
maybe give the snare some of this roomy reverb that is on the melody every now and than
but yeah i agree sounds not 100 finished maybe add some sounds to the beat or just some one shots here and there

nice subbassline yeah i dig that instrumental beat rolls nice not much to say nice instrumental
would be cool to hear some rap over some of your instrumentals at some point


@BudSpencertron @cyclopian @knobgoblin @Samuel_L_Damnson @Tolsof @hubb

only received something off Jizz for now, send yours in if you have some, i’ll post tonight


I’ll send in a bit so I’ve been dead busy up til now


me too

i dunno if i can make it but will try


Haven’t had time to make anything :confused: we’ll see maybe this week


jizz mcqueen

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faul body odor


Gonna leave feedback this afternoon. Got some engagements til 16:00 but then… Fb timmmmmee


love the dry beat juxtaposed against the airy chords and reverbed out pad. i think ur drums could maybe be a touch louder? not dead sure what to suggest really cos the beat is lush and i wouldnt wanna ruin it so just take everythin i say with a tsp of salt.
was gonna say maybe introduce something half way through thn the bass line came in and sorted that out haha.
perhaps make the bass more prominent or something with like automated cut off of the filter so it sounds like its fading in and out a little.
also maybe do a little switch up with the drums every now and then.

This is sick and goes hard. maybe add a little bit of high end shelf to ur snare so it slaps u right in the face a bit more but really i wouldnt change much with this excet that and it might benefit from the mid bass being a little more prominent.

Next TIme: this is sick can imagine bladee going in on this beat u should send it to some cloud rap guys its really sick.


really nice bell sounds. maybe add a couple of little ghost snare notes to the drum beat the second time around or something, but tbh it held my interest the entire time and sounds really good. (can i get a copy of this one day)