Tune ive just finished! Feedback would be much appreciated :)

First tune ive actually finished in a while and one ive spent more time on than most! Feel free to leave feedback, comments on soundcloud, and follow if you’re feeling it :smile:


Also If anyone wants the file to play give us a shout and i’ll hook you up :smile:

that reversed piano bit could deffo do with a bit of either delay or reverb so it trails off.

You know what i mean?

So like it slightly ‘stays’ there for a bit when the next LEAD comes in.

Also i’d just like more fx tbh - little incidentals - that sort of thing.

But it’s fine as it is. Maybe have a look at the swoosh/ laser ping and consider if its maybe a it too loud.

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yes, it’s a good one.

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Like the sub on it, bassline is entertaining.

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Yeahhh man Im hearing what your on about with the piano now you’ve pointed it out :smile: Will have a fiddle around with it and see what happens! And I know exactly what you mean with the laser now. Didn’t realise until you pointed it out but it does sit well above alot of the other elements of the tune. Will have another look at the mixdown :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback man! Muchly appreciated :smile:

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