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Pull it up


ever doubted the legacy of Krout Rock?
not just to electronica but psychedelics?

have a listen to the track Utopia 1
it’s Track 2 B-side off a 1973 album by Utopia (effectively Amon Duul)
which has at least 2 other stone cold classics
If this link doesn’t work, it’s worth chasing down.
United Artists UAG 29438.



whaaaaaaat the fuck is going on in that


@Liam92 reminded me about this tune today

man got it froma fucking deadmau5 set, theres no way it should be this good lol. What a fucking banger tho


Some Nujabes was the first 12" EP I’ve bought in my life. I loved his stuff and was saddened by his untimely passing. Should dig that up one of these days.

And Samurai Champloo is simply one of my all-time favourite animes.




that video is my essence




interesting, it’s a western european aesthetic that alludes me personally
though I know it attracts many, such as Nick cave, to Berlin.
For me it is dark, inclement, inside, isolated & sadly reflective
almost the antithesis of my environment.
I know the experience, am not attracted to it and yet see the allure.




Listened to this maybe 50 times since yesterday.




Damn this one is large! Wish I could hear it on a proper soundsystem though