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people rly started talking shit about keysound/“glassy grime” and that whole movement but do u guys remember how sick some of those earlier tunes were.

This, the first wen shit and the first beneath shit all came out within 6 months and was so gully.

every tune on this EP is a banga


Don’t think anyone denied that.

Thinking about it, I’m surprised how much mileage I still get out of those records. Definitely good stuff, although the whole “new genre yallz”-bs didn’t really help the music getting off the ground.

Btw anyone know what Wen’s up to? @Riddles?




Sorrow does garage/grime/ds so well



I got into the Keysound discography after checking out they had a Rinse show back in early 2013. Those were some wild times for me music wise, I was still listening to dubstep regularly and listening to Youngsta’s Rinse shows regularly but I was also branching out to grime and other murky club bass music in the form of Wen / Beneath / most of the Keysound crew / Night Slugs / Tectonic’s new releases (the Dark Sky 12" is a banger) / Swamp 81 / the Hotline crew (Kahn, especially) / Epoch :)) / and a lot of other former dubstep heads who didn’t turn to house or techno in the “post-dubstep” era.

I haven’t listened to dubstep in so long and I’m so out of touch with the scene I forgot how sick it was. I forgot how sick the vinyl artwork were for the old releases for Tempa and Tectonic before they branched out of dubstep. I still remember how Author (J Sparrow & Ruckspin) combined elements of dubstep and jazz in a way that completely blew my mind, cause it wasn’t a bullshit prefix-step type project for the masses but it blended subtle elements of actual jazz elements and showed a sense of genuine musicality, in the sense that they were using real instruments and all that. Their albums were top notch.

Fuckin hell I’m being so nostalgic right now. Maybe it’s because I have a new soundcard and a pair of high end Audio Technica headphones with me and I decided to check out Lie Detection by Proxima on a whim. I guess I’m only realizing how good the sound design / production is.

In general my record collection doesn’t really reflect on that time period since I started collecting records around early 2015. I’ll probably end up being nostalgic about 2014 grime in a year and I’ll remember how I checked out the anime trap part of soundcloud in a couple years. A lot of it was garbage tho :mask:






tokyo vice sounds like if kuedo worked at nintendo



Love that





sick tune and vid :cornlol:

i was listening to this