Tune of the Day



yo this is some previously next level shit

some 70s bit i think, but they beat box and psyche the tits out


WWWINGS are amazing, their album they released a couple of months ago on Planet Mu is one of the best LPs from last year.

This one’s on a post-apocalyptic film score tip.




Tune of the day for myself

Out to brother MESCK on this one!





kind obsessed with this lately. @_ronzlo you probably know more stuff like it right?


Actually no, this is p cool - heavy minimal wave…? w/e. There I go naming shit again lol.

This is the closest general stuff I know:



I have a das ding record on my disco dogs want list actually.


I take it you’ve heard Suicide?


Yeah, Ive not dug too deep but “A way of life” is one I tried to buy recently

Tried cos all the copys are in Euland or America and I found one for £15 on ebay, turns out it was sold out (???) so yeah didnt get it.




This track brings back memories from the 130 thread from the old forum. Crazy how much Mumdance has progressed in the last 4 years. I remember Oneman spun this track on Rinse so many times and made some sick blend of this track with Wen - Swingin’.