Tune of the Day



this is fucking boss for a Fri after work

nice tune from 09


What, nothing inspiring since Friday?

alright, here’s tha vinyl I skanked to last night
Creation Of Dub https://g.co/kgs/6DDErN




free dl as well


remember this aphex twin


This shit slaps



from 94. 1794 ahead of its time



So good. Been on repeat in the car for the last 2 days.


something from Martyn


I found Richard’s twin.



IIRC u know about shit like this post some pls cus this is a banga


like… wacky, dramatic house?

this one’s a bit straighter

go from there


Wuz Loefah’s just a beat ever released?
what a th special


he gave it away for free.


oh and check perlon’s latest Superlongevity compilation; it’s weirdly disjointed in places. I’ve bought it on a whimp and doubt the records will see much playtime. But they certainly work in a fun listening session kinda way.

Nina Kraviz’ Trip label has a few headtwisters on the comps. Pampa is (much) more popfriendly, but has its moments.

Other than that you’d have to dig a bit deeper; Salo have released some mindbending tech house cuts in the early '00s by the likes of Eduardo de la Calle. Gez Varley has always been a good address for slightly off-kilter house burners. A bit more grooving is Josh Brent / Schatraxx. But yeah I’m not that into synth heavy stuff so there’s certainly better shit out there.


heard life magically is already thru u or ultra playing it in plug once, listened to it a fair bit its a moody fucking tune.

Feeling that joey anderson one there, almost trance but dope

Also some other baby ford shit I heard the other night went hard: