Tune of the Day


although I would think it’s supposed to be shite. in a way I believe that channel is a dig at another popular channel called “majestic casual” with very similar backdrops to the uploads expect they’re usually pictures of semi-naked ladies. and the tracks are shitty “chill beatz” dun kno if the channel still exists it was a product of an era


didnt harkat have a deep haus joke channel in the same vein for a bit?


love John Gast

at the risk of sounding very lame, this tune is such an experience on a big system

and this monster…

can trick people into enjoying dubstep with this one


lmao idk I wish



out of frame his feet are actually fully submersed in a big pot of Borscht


borscht is such a good word.



beat on this is fucking ridiculous


this actually