Tune of the Day




He died recently apparently, saw it on breakbeat

A big shame because he was on of very few nu skool jungle producers, and he was pretty fucking young



did you guys know laidback luke used to make gully shit lol


What the fuck lol


He’s got a couple bangers from those early days.


This dutch label released a series of some unreleased 90s tunes he found on DAT this year apparently


Shy FX, Stamina MC… and Lily Allen? Not bad actually


Haha me and my mate started off taking the piss out of it but I’m starting to unironically like it


On topic

@Harkat @jrkhnds @cyclopian @Jizz and any other plug heads. Remember this beast


yes! eternal plug classic


It’s actually a serious attempt to take itself serious if nothing else, right!?


There i cant post shit but good shit saying fuck you. So ya fuck you bitch jk i love you


This is the anthem of french tekno free-parties during end 90’s / begin of 2000’s


chorus to this is magical


Swirling hypnotic psychadelic wormhole.


Best free-tekno track that I EVER heard ^^


i love some old jump up
neuro with plastic snares can suck it


Yeah neuro really does love fake pumped snares dunnit


After playing so much rdr2 you know I had to listen to this album…
All tunes are sehr gut, but “The Gunslinger” is :sunglasses: