Tune of the Day


If it’s connected to your fb it should just be your name


it’s not, not a big fan of connecting shit to my FB


Fair enough, you’ll probably be alright with just the code then. Never used it myself though


It’s just the name, top right on the desktop app. I follow a few guys from here, it’s a great platform to go through other peoples playlists with similar tastes and discover new music.



I’ve been building this playlist with world music, latin etc you’re welcome to follow it if u wanna
my username is semefelle



If anyone wants to follow. Semi regularly update my playlists


This beat :cornlol:







Someone dropped this last night and I haven’t been able to get it out my head. Anyone know of any similar kinda tunes?


heard this on the system back in the day quite a lot, really smashes a club. Good memories man.

theres some grotty 4x4 boddika tune with this really juicy game boy bleep arpeggio that has a similar kinda catchy dark feel to this but i cant remember the name of it, someone help

oh this is another anthem thatd get dropped at the same nights as Bring:







mod edit: you can just post youtube links and they will embed automatically. No need for extra youtube tags :slight_smile: