UK Drill//Trap/Afroswing


Yeah octavians albuns wicked. Quite like the rpss from friends remix of lightning

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This is a vibe.


that ending a real blessing for DJs man, kinda vibe this

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RIP Cadet. Wasn’t big into his music myself, but still a massive shame to see someone pass especially when they’re on the verge of mainstream breakthrough.

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Not a big fan of this tbh


same , not sure what his intention was. but the “weightless” guys have this style down already


think plinky-plonky hipster remixes of UK rap tunes might be the next new wave tbh. Harmonimixes for the GRM Daily-era.


Pls no. Art students have already ruined grime

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now explain how is this not racist/cultural appropriation? :sweat_smile:


Loool. Its the bad ombre


oldish , but been having this one on repeat

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17 with a thirty eeeeighhttt


This one has been making waves lately.

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some finnish shit that’s clearly influenced by uk drill. I dont usually rate stuff from my country but this track is p gut

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That sounds more like regular rap/trap than uk drill


you could be right. Im no expert tbh


It’s the jacket lol, v U.K. Drill