Unreleased Forum Dubs (2007 to 2011) 15gb Super Gorgon Archive

THIS FUCKING THREAD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thanks man. Glad you’re enjoying the music!

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can’t thank you enough for this one man – this thread is massive

been slowly creeping my way through these, some absolute tunes – enjoying Sines’ Test 8 so much



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Thjis thread is so much effort, wow man @ you !


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thanks :slight_smile:

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damn so many names I forgot about in this thread, big ups

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Yooooo I actually lost my copy of this as well hahaha, thank you dude!

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Oh christ how have I missed this thread haha, gonna have to slowly work my way through this when I get a chance. Big up

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fantastic work mate. as a completionist, noticed the SEARCHL1TE folder was empty though.

beast of a collection. thanks again for the preservation and sharing. sometimes the best music never even gets released

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Nice work on this!
Just a note ‘Pure’

Two tracks in that roster…Rampin and Gunman where by Pure Phase :wink:

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Thanks so much!

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Legendary thread.

Balkansky AKA Cooh? Had no idea he was on here.

Old Komonazmuk bits oh gosh.

Must be some jblake bits floating around? Remember him being fairly active in the production forum

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Sleeping on this thread wtf. Big up dude

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To be honest a lot of this music is from so long ago I don’t remember if it was the producer who shared it, or it was a link shared on the forum by a thrird party. But yes balkansky is cooh.
The komanazmuk tunes are brutal!
Don’t have any jblake though.


yo, just made a mix featuring a lot of the tracks from the archive! got enough tunes for a couple more mixes too…

mp3 192K at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NpeUAj_kBSTbFTo2oNkM_82Y_ge2O7Rr/view?usp=sharing

  1. D Jahsta - Slug Bass (Six Chakra Remix)
  2. Nightmare dub – Depth Death
  3. Grundy - The Mutha Fucka Real (Benny Fishel Master)
  4. Kafka - Robbing Hood
  5. Dark TimeZ - Nighta
  6. Cold - Syanide
  7. Chalice - DZ
  8. ???
  9. Possessed By The Devil - Formal Mutation
  10. Salty - Muffin
  11. Man Hunter - Metal Box Products
  12. Grundy - dildo finger
  13. Hi Tek (Bombaman Remix) - Mampi Swift
  14. Tek Soldier - Pure
  15. Scarface Riddim - Thomas E Griffin
  16. Atrium - Vaccine
  17. Drugged Monkeys - Toiminto
  18. Ride On - El Rakkas
  19. Oddrac - ID ( Rilathon Remix)
  20. Clones - Liquid Rocks
  21. Gangstuh Powuh - Scion
  22. Gentlemen’s Club - Run Up
  23. Sweet & Sour Riddim - Superisk
  24. Face Off - Monsta
  25. Bug Dat - Genetic Krew
  26. Grundy - Dirty Reeboks
  27. Document 5 - Pure
  28. More Fire - Monsta
  29. Zanzibar - miKrodot
  30. Frog Killer - Villain
  31. Deep Sleep - Double Slut
  32. ??? - Nighta

Yes man!! Straight on the DL.
Keep 'em coming!

I’m working on a shorter mix myself.

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Just spotted a few of my Wascal tracks on the list, I lost a few of those on a HD crash a few years back and thought they were gone for good - nice one :slight_smile: