Urple Eeple - Lost in Motion EP [Chillage Records]

Hey guys! So creating a thread here to showcase my Lost in Motion EP which just dropped!

Soundcloud: Stream Chillage Records | Listen to Urple Eeple - Lost in Motion playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Bandcamp: Lost in Motion | Urple Eeple | Chillage Records

**‘Lost in Motion’ EP** **RELEASE DATE: 15th April** **LABEL: Chillage Records**

“Strong representation of the West coast soulful digitech sound” -BBC 1xtra

“The sonic offering combines thick and warm retro synths with luscious chord work, and intricate rhythms sure to infiltrate the heart of any real beat junkie.” -The 405

“Lost In Motion” stands as its own extraordinary work” -Nest HQ

“A place on perception with the interest of challenging conventional composition, Urple Eeple has crafted a sonic narrative with compelling scenery.” -Purple Sneakers