Vael 21 Remix Competition *Stems now up!*

    1. Neurogenesis
    1. Reduction
    1. Chongqing Encounter
    1. Broken (ft. Katrina West)
    1. Pandora’s Box
    1. Interlude (Departure)
    1. Malevolence
    1. Overcast
    1. A Break In The Clouds
    1. The End

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Stems now up! Deadline is 21st Jan (Sunday) Good luck!

So to celebrate the release of my first album I think a remix competition is in order :smiley:

The plan is this, first we vote which song would be best to remix in this poll. in 1 weeks time (Wednesday 20th December) the votes will be counted and that song will be stemmed and uploaded here.

After that there will be one month for the remixes (which makes sense given the holidays can be a bit hectic) and then finally voting will take place in the new poll.

Winners for this will receive:-

x1 Free copy of the digital album (in WAV format)
x1 Free master of any of their own tracks (through my Clear Sky Mastering service)

The cherry on the cake is whatever track is chosen to remix I will also record a “How I made it” video explaining well… yeah!

The Soundcloud link here is a short 8 minute sample of the album so you can get a favour for each track:-

The Bandcamp link will allow you to hear more of the songs:-

Voting for which track to remix starts today (two votes per person) and again will end on the 20th so get them votes in!


4 days left to vote guys, happy Saturday!


Where are all the voters?
Bumparoo for this


Thanks dude, Yes needs a few more otherwise it’ll be a pretty easy competition! :blush:


Last day to vote guys! at this rate with only Sleepwalk voting he will get the deciding vote if there aren’t any others. Regardless, stems will still be uploaded and you’ll all have a month for the deadline :love_you_gesture:


Managed to sleep on this one :embarassed:

Voted fwiw. This kind of stuff is good for the forum. :+1:


Ok guys, it was close but “Broken” took the lead! Stems are now up here:-

The deadline is 21st of January (Sunday) when voting will take place in a new thread, good luck!


On the DL


Vocals were missing from that folder, they are in now!


Gonna download the stems because why not! DSF needs to get it’s arse producing :stuck_out_tongue:


just a tip for the future, it would be good to state the original BPM of the track :slight_smile:


You’re quite right!

124 BPM and D minor in case anyone was wondering!


I’m not sure what’s going on here but I’ve managed to make some sort of early 90s rave track at 140bpm.
Bear with me I have no idea what I’m doing!


Awesome, can’t wait to hear!


Damn this is hard.


Less than 2 weeks y’all. Good luck!


Mine fell apart. It’s just not working so unfortunately I’m out.


Last day. I only have one entry for this so looks like an easy win unless anyone has any more to send in :slight_smile:


Ok the comp is now closed!

Being the only entry @Jizz is the winner, congrats!

I will PM details of your prize. Thanks everyone who entered and gave this time, even if there weren’t completed tracks :slight_smile: