Vinyl Collectors in LDN - Rare grime/ukg/dubstep collection (Big Apple Recs 1-6 inc Jungle Infiltrator, Cay's Crays etc)

Letting you guys know I’m selling a whole archive of classics on ebay including

Big Apple Records 001 - 006 (Red EP, Judgement, Unplayed copy of Jungle Infiltrator EP) etc
Unplayed copy’s of Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Version), the first two skreamizm ep’s etc etc
for the grime heads there’s rare stuff like Salt Beef, Creeper, Ice Rink Vocal 2 etc
whole bunch more, tons of unplayed stuff, feel free to bid or pm me sensible offers.

pickup from north london only

sick collection man. if i had the spare money i’d cop that shit right now. hope you get a good price for em, good luck!

wish i was in london to cop this!!


Should you cop I’ll take off any doubles you might have

Outrageous collection.

Already getting a bit high tbh haha

wow yeah £820 looks like a lot, but if you sold them all separately…
man deserves some kind of reward for having that many unplayed classics

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