Vinyl only mixes


An hour of tunes recorded this evening. Don’t mind the snap crackle on a few of em :jahsha:

I will put a t/l together at some point


My homie just posted a mix of all dubplates. Super proud of him


January mix wasnt upped till midway thru February due to some technical difficulties, but here it is.

DTR - Walls of Babylon (Akcept Remix)
Boofy - Dead Stylus
SP:MC - Trust Nobody
Vivek - Kismet
Kromestar - Unknown Strobes
Jonah Freed - Mobb Mentality (Dub)
Headland - Midnight Drive
Mikael - Lintumies
Ago - Why Wont You
Epoch - Desert Gods (Dub)
LAS - Aspect
Orson - White Knights
Killwatt - Killa Inna Jungle
E3 - Stalagmite (Tetrad remix)
Sepia - Circadian Rhythm (Dub)
Gorgon Sound - Dub Mirror (Dubkasm Version)
Sound Control - Lion Rockers
Moresounds - Respek Is You
Bukkha - One Step Forward
Zygos - Shutdown
Von D - Wicked Scam
Mikael - Corner Dub
Mala - In Luv


Again, really big mix, it’s been on repeat at work lately. Loads of tunes goin in the 'scogs wantlist lol


Skream - One for the Heads Who Remember
Zed Bias - Take You There
Horsepower Productions - When You Hold Me
Benny Ill and The Culprit - Fat Larry’s Skank
High Plains Drifter feat. Goldspot Productions - Sholay (Epic Mix)
DJRum - Plead With Me
Gaze Ill - Clean 131
Mala - Unexpected
LAS - Crowded
Karma - Cha
Appleblim and Peverelist - Over Here
Kahn - Over Deh So
Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody? (Tease)
LAS - Uuha
Lurka - Return
Causa - Minerals
Aether - Number (Headland Remix)
V.I.V.E.K. - Step Fwd
Ago - Flashin
Addison Groove - Dumbsh*t


Do you have a t/l mate?


Nice one!


For sure:

Ernest Ranglin - Earth sound pt 1
Dennis Curtis - Come with me
Larry Marshall - My Foreparent
Higgs Gallery - Let us do something (instrumental)
Yabby You - Feel alright
Gregory Isaac - Mr know it all
Chantells - Waiting in the park version
Chockey Taylor - False dread version
Robert Lee - Too much war
Johnny Osborne - In your eyes dub
Tradition - Subaquatic swerves
Prince Jamo - Jubby hoffin dub mix
Robert Lee - Stride dub (alien dread mix)
Jah Scoop - Insurrection
Michael Rose - Stepping out of babylon
Von D ft Cotti - Politricks
Tuff Scout Allstars - Up mill lane
Jah fingers allstars - I’m just a dread Instrumental
Aba-Ariginals - Lucrative




Cheers man, going to get “Dennis Curtis - Come with me”

I have the Karl Masters plate of “Let us do something” (repress), but it’s de-centered so you get that annoying woozy sound.


So, been a while since i recorded a mix, but my new mixer made it a lot easier!
It’s a short one, as i had to fill up my soundcloud minutes …

LEMONS - The Tenth Harvest

  1. Mala - Sound Of The River ft. Sylvia Falcón [Brownswood Recordings]
  2. Karma - Jade Pit [System Music]
  3. V.I.V.E.K. - One Heart ft. Dego Ranking [System Music]
  4. Mr. Lager & Von D - Some Other Place [Reflektion Tapes]
  5. Cessman - Higher Rising [System Music]
  6. V.I.V.E.K. - Step FWD [Blacklist]
  7. Samba & Chokez - Ghastly [Encrypted Audio]
  8. Commodo - How Dare You [Black Acre]
  9. The Outside Agency - The New Master OUTRO


Me and my mates are live rn, with special guest Gnischrew from Vienna.


Someone’s had you on a copyright


Yeah almost every stream gets banned due to copyright. You gotta watch it when it’s live :adios:

We are streamin every sunday 6 pm UK time :bluethumb:


strikt depth up on some new stance audio dubplates


Not my cleanest mix every but I managed to record some video along it too. Quite a few dubs inside. Let me know what you think


Karma - Heal
Primer - Make Contact
Rethink - Anti Matter
Rethink - Blacksmith
Mr. K - Dafuq
Chad Dubz - 22 Ounces
Borg - Fight Dub
Sleeper - Kaya
Rethink - Timeless Self
Samba - Un (VIP)
Spacejail - Unscripted (Sense Impression Remix)
Distinct Motive - Cessna Riddim
Strikt Depth - Peace
Rethink - Raising Kundalini


Ital - Pulsed
Jack J - Take It To The Edge
The Raw Interpreter - Groove The Beat
Tell - Life Is Rhythm
Mood II Swing - Slippery Track
LC12 - Isabella (Leonid Remix)
Christian Jay - Contrail
Elgato - We Dream Electric
Photek - T’Raenon
Source Direct - Stonekiller
Bakground - It’s Okay
Alaska - Earthloop (Version)
VIVEK - Where Were You
Gantz - Fugazi
Sleeper - Seagulls
Kromestar - In the Same Zone
VIVEK - Show Me
Cessman - Zoned
2562 - Boogie Kitchen
Horsepower Productions - When You Hold Me
Reverend Slippy - Why Do You Play With My Mind?
D. Futers - Never Givin’ Up
Roy Davis Jr. - Cherish (Fred’s Beats)
Rimbaudian - Hold Up, Hold On
Jimi Polo - Express Yourself (Ministry Mix)
Virgo Four - Boing
Bakground - Malfunction
Kettenkarussell - Drift

Edit: apologies for the dutch shittalking. Some mates were on the chat.


Big tracklist


90min of ambient, drone, new age. recorded during the festival celebrating 75 years of LSD, in the wood-and-cloth chillout dome with 360 degree soundsystem. 4-6am saturday morning.
incl. tracks by Helm, Ariel Kalma, XYR, Pep Llopis, Pauline Anna Storm and more. hope you enjoy. :heart:


allow the occasional shady transition


Disasterpeace - Relay
WWWINGS - Resurge
Sleeper & Thelem & Mesck - Strawberry Cough
AxH - Gem Tone
SP:MC - R1
Pinch - The Boxer
Ziúr - Don’t Buy It
Eric H - The Lights
Wallwork & RZR - Don’t Panic
Opus - Hide You
AxH - Destroy
Kahn - Abattoir
Lemzly Dale - No Long Talk
Goth Trad - Airbreaker
Congi - Torn
Karma - Rumble Fish
Commodo - Hadi Hadi Ah
Proxima - Valve Wars
SD Laika - You Were Wrong
Pinch - Punisher VIP
Kahn - Way Mi Defend
Sleeper - Spread Out
Flame 1 - Fog
Eno - Here Comes The Warm Jets