Vinyl only mixes


An hour of tunes recorded this evening. Don’t mind the snap crackle on a few of em :jahsha:

I will put a t/l together at some point


My homie just posted a mix of all dubplates. Super proud of him


January mix wasnt upped till midway thru February due to some technical difficulties, but here it is.

DTR - Walls of Babylon (Akcept Remix)
Boofy - Dead Stylus
SP:MC - Trust Nobody
Vivek - Kismet
Kromestar - Unknown Strobes
Jonah Freed - Mobb Mentality (Dub)
Headland - Midnight Drive
Mikael - Lintumies
Ago - Why Wont You
Epoch - Desert Gods (Dub)
LAS - Aspect
Orson - White Knights
Killwatt - Killa Inna Jungle
E3 - Stalagmite (Tetrad remix)
Sepia - Circadian Rhythm (Dub)
Gorgon Sound - Dub Mirror (Dubkasm Version)
Sound Control - Lion Rockers
Moresounds - Respek Is You
Bukkha - One Step Forward
Zygos - Shutdown
Von D - Wicked Scam
Mikael - Corner Dub
Mala - In Luv


Again, really big mix, it’s been on repeat at work lately. Loads of tunes goin in the 'scogs wantlist lol


did a livestream on twitch yesterday.
From a bit of funk to house to some 140 as well.
First 10 mins are basically setting up the stream and muted bc of copyright so skip that.


Skream - One for the Heads Who Remember
Zed Bias - Take You There
Horsepower Productions - When You Hold Me
Benny Ill and The Culprit - Fat Larry’s Skank
High Plains Drifter feat. Goldspot Productions - Sholay (Epic Mix)
DJRum - Plead With Me
Gaze Ill - Clean 131
Mala - Unexpected
LAS - Crowded
Karma - Cha
Appleblim and Peverelist - Over Here
Kahn - Over Deh So
Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody? (Tease)
LAS - Uuha
Lurka - Return
Causa - Minerals
Aether - Number (Headland Remix)
V.I.V.E.K. - Step Fwd
Ago - Flashin
Addison Groove - Dumbsh*t


Do you have a t/l mate?


Nice one!


For sure:

Ernest Ranglin - Earth sound pt 1
Dennis Curtis - Come with me
Larry Marshall - My Foreparent
Higgs Gallery - Let us do something (instrumental)
Yabby You - Feel alright
Gregory Isaac - Mr know it all
Chantells - Waiting in the park version
Chockey Taylor - False dread version
Robert Lee - Too much war
Johnny Osborne - In your eyes dub
Tradition - Subaquatic swerves
Prince Jamo - Jubby hoffin dub mix
Robert Lee - Stride dub (alien dread mix)
Jah Scoop - Insurrection
Michael Rose - Stepping out of babylon
Von D ft Cotti - Politricks
Tuff Scout Allstars - Up mill lane
Jah fingers allstars - I’m just a dread Instrumental
Aba-Ariginals - Lucrative




Cheers man, going to get “Dennis Curtis - Come with me”

I have the Karl Masters plate of “Let us do something” (repress), but it’s de-centered so you get that annoying woozy sound.