Vinyl only mixes


might as well put this one here too
roots of dubstep lol

DL link

Rosenhaft - 1992
George Morel - Don’t Give Up (Love Will Come Around) (The Club Mix)
Kim English - Nitelife (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close (Tuff Jam Remix)
New Horizons - Sassy Lady (H Dub)
Johnny Corp - B Boys Shouting
The Heartists - Belo Horizonti (Ramsey & Fen Remix)
Danny J Lewis - Spend The Night (Top Cat Radio Mix)
Bizzi - Bizzi’s Party (Booker T Vocal Lick)
M-Dubs - Over You (Vocal Mix)
Industry Standard - Got Somebody Else
Artful Dodger - Moving Too Fast (Zed Bias Remix)
Ramsey & Fen - Colour (Ramsey & Fen Club Dub)
MJ Cole - Hold On To Me
Roy Davis Jr - Gabrielle (Large Joints Remix)
DND - I Got
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (Zed Bias 2K Vocal Mix)
Pay As You Go Kartel - Know We (Teebone & Wiley Remix)
Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix)
MJ Cole - Sanctuary


The Skatalites - Guns Of Navarone
The Maytals - Bam-Bam
The Pioneers - Give and Take
Augustus Pablo - A Java Instrumental
Aba-Shanti-I & The Shanti-Ites ‎- Zulu Warrior
The Disciples - Addis Ababa
Vibronics ‎– Samsara
King Tubby With The Roots Radics ‎– North Circular Dub (‘No, No, No’ Rhythm)
The Disciples ‎– Freedom Fighter
Ishan Sound - Triplets Power
Junior Dread - Wonderful Feeling (Gorgon Sound Remix)
Karma ‎– How Ya Feel
Epoch - No Dread
Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Amit’s Thug Dub Remix)
Karma - Heal
Dubtro - Old Street
VIVEK - Slippin’
LAS - Backyard
Loefah - Woman
The Selecter - The Selecter


gonna listen to this solely for the first tune. What a banger!!


finally recorded something about a week ago, its not amazing tho

J Kenzo - Protected
Jakes - Time Ends
Headhunter - Clone
Karma - Heal
Facta - 36th Chamber
Commodo - Hyperreal
Goth Trad - Born To Know
Ipman - Regicide
Las - Uuha
Skream - Bahl Fwd


You get hyperreal cut? I need to do that… Dunno if I can justify it though as I’ve got cdjs as well as turntables.


yeah i rate it a lot so i got it done.


UK Garage / Bassline / Grime

I’ve been playing these tunes at numerous house parties and raves in London over the last few months and they’ve been going off!!

100% vinyl.

  1. Flow - Angel 21
  2. A Little Bit Of Luck - DJ Luck & MC Neat
    3.138 Trek - Dj Zinc
  3. Kinda Funky - Jammin’
  4. Decoy - Agent X
  5. Do Ya - Roger Ruff
  6. Can’t Bus’ Mic - Pay As You Go Crew
  7. Get Down - Irv Gotti
  8. Mistreated - Blackfinger
  9. Girls - Riplash & Sus
  10. Urban Hero - Jameson
  11. Selecta - Jameson & Viper
  12. E10 Riddim - Rossi B, Luca
  13. Alcohol -Nasty Crew
  14. Garage Girls - Lonyo
  15. Joy -Mark Ruff Ryder
  16. Bad Dreams -Witty Boy
  17. Evil Kid -DJ Q
  18. Girl VIP -Dj Q
  19. Wot Do U Call It? (Instrumental Igloo) -Wiley
  20. It’s Wiley (Royal T remix) - Wiley
  21. Might Be -Dexplicit
  22. Triplets II - Sticky
  23. Let the Bass Roll -DJ Pooch
  24. Devil’s Nightmare -Oxide & Neutrino
  25. A London Thing -Scott Garcia


Tracklist looking kinda live still, definitely gonna give it a listen later


All Kahn.

Young Echo - Blood Sugar
Kahn - Margeaux (Pt. 2)
Kahn & Neek - Dubchat
Kahn - Angeles
Kahn & Neek - Percy
Kahn, Commodo & Gantz - Bitchcraft
Kahn - Way Mi Defend
Ishan Sound - Namkha (Kahn Remix)
Kahn & Neek - Got My Ting
Kahn - Abattoir
Kahn - And The World Was Gone


Why the didnt I buy Way mi defend when it was 6 pounds on Chemical I don’t know… One of those “yeah, I’ll get it later…”


tbf it was decently priced on discogs for a while so i never worried, then randomly it spiked


One of his best imo


Yeah still is, fire on the dancefloor everytime I hear it live…


Hi there,

check my mix I did lately…vibes around 140 bpm spectrum:


Kahn - Dread (Gorgon Sound Version) /Deep Medi/
Egoless - Dub Dedication /Lion Charge/
Hijak - Babylon Timewarp (Root Dedication Mix) /Deep Medi/
D Operation Drop - Addis Abeba /Lion Charge/
Killawatt - Killa Inna Jungle /Ruffcut/
Biome - Serenity /Deep Heads/
TMSV - Stress /Box Clever/
Subreachers - Developer /Warriorz/
Goth-Trad & Ruckspin - Behind The Glass /Deep Medi/
LAS - Aspect /Innamind/
Mala - Miracles /Deep Medi/
Instinct ‎– Revolt /Orientis/
Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub /Deep Medi/
Peverelist - Roll With The Punches /Punch Drunk/
Pinch - Qawwali /Planet Mu/
Mala - Stand Against War /DMZ/
V.I.V.E.K. - Feel it /Deep Medi/
Facta ‎– 36th Chamber /Soundman Chronicles/
Phaeleh & Geode - Neon Melt /Undertow/
Geode - Lark Ascending /Deep Heads/
Joe - Grimelight /Hessle Audio/
Pearson Sound - Untitled /Pearson Sound/
Lostlojic - We Can Not Hide /Millions Of Moments UK/
Djrum - Tailing /2nd Drop/


check out this all vinyl jungle mix I made a couple weeks ago! :smile:


It was time to record another short mix, hope you enjoy!

LEMONS - The Eighth Harvest

Created on two turntables, a mixer and some golden wax!

  1. Versa - Road To Righteousness [System Music]
  2. Gorgon Sound - Rise ft. Junior Dread [Peng Sound]
  3. Wen - Pace Myself [Soundman Chronicles]
  4. Pev & Hodge - 21 Versions [Livity Sound]
  5. Dorisburg - Computer Drumming 128 [Bossmusik]
  6. Hodge - I Don’t Recognize You Lately [Hemlock Recordings]
  7. Trevino - Uptight [Klockworks]
  8. Beneath - 50/50 [Berceuse Heroique]
  9. ASC - Electron [Pushing Red]
  10. Pinch - Get Out Of Here [Swamp 81]
  11. Kahn, Commodo & Gantz - Kibosh (Intro) [Deep Medi Musik]


wanted to upload a mix of mine to soundcloud too, but they are banning this kind of “stuff” right?


Dunno… Only had trouble with on mix that started with Johnny Osbourne ‎– Fally Ranking (V.I.V.E.K Remix) due to copyright issues.


Dubwise mix recorded in October, selection of old and new, pulling records and recording

Egoless - Dub Heritage
Versa - Road To Righteousness
Jah Warrior - No Racial War
DJ Madd - Interstellar Dub
Digital - Dub Mammoth
DJ Madd - Spook Dub
Ishan Sound - Kala Dub
Gorgon Sound vs Dubkasm - Dub Mirror
Ishan Sound - EOD
Gorgon Sound vs Dubkasm - Arise
Coki - Officer
Ishan Sound - Wickedness
Egoless - From Dust To Dub
Vivek - Slippin
Ishan Sound - Rivet


Eskibeat vinyl mix

Wiley Kat Eskimo
Wiley Kat snowman
Danny weed cloud 9
Flowdan skydiver
Wiley Kat eskiboy
Wiley igloo bass mix
Wiley Kat ground zero devil mix
Wiley Kat colder remix bass mix
Skepta pulse Eskimo
Jammer cuts and paces Wiley rmx
Wiley Kat bird tune
Wiley Kat Shanghai
Wiley Kat snowkat
East co were ready Wiley mix
Wiley kat freeze
Roll deep heartache refix
Bok bok charisma theme bok own
Starfox blink
Roll deep when I’m ere Wiley remix
Wiley Kat Eskimo 3
Wiley Kat ice rink
Zomby step 2001