Vinyl only mixes


I’ve finally recorded my first mix featuring my own tunes cut to dubplate. Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

DL link:


  1. Commodo - Jaded
  2. Argo - Stigma
  3. P Jam & Champion - Chalice
  4. Eva808 - Prrr
  5. Mesck - The Veil
  6. Silkie - Neckback
  7. Cessman - Zoned
  8. EshOne - Ups & Downs VIP
  9. Saule - Kalakuta
  10. Headhunter - Royal Flush
  11. Hirszu - Wormhole
  12. Objekt - The Goose That Got Away
  13. Ago - Zero Shift
  14. Compa - Take Control
  15. Jook - Tokyo Drift
  16. Egoless - Bubble Beat
  17. Causa - Monotone
  18. LAS - Preaching
  19. 2562 - Moog Dub
  20. Hirszu - Babylon Leave
  21. Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling
  22. Karma - Jade Pit


nice work man




make it d/l able bruv?

…and tracklist?


rusty but its all wax. house techno and bass music. alot of swamp tunes in the second half, sorry for the poor quality my web cam is shit, and i got other problems lol. anyway i had a ball having a mix after not playing any records for a long time.

Scuba - Never
Instra:mental - Pyramid
Trevino ‎– Derelict
Eats Everything & Lord Leopard - A Song For
Julian Jeweil ‎– Rolling
Reinier Zonneveld - Things We Might Have Said (Feat. Cari Golden)
Julian Jeweil - Traffic
Reinier Zonneveld - EHT
Untold - Little Things Like That
Pearson Sound ‎– XLB
Paleman - The Day
Facta - Scotch Mist
Paleman - Handy Clue
Trusta - Hypnotic
Boddika - Soul What
Boddika & Joy Orbison ‎– Swims
Boddika - Steam
Mickey Pearce - Numb Nut
Animal Youth - Sixty Four Zero
Mosca - Done Me Wrong
Boddika - Syn Chron
Instra:mental - Voyeur
Instra:mental - When I Dip


is that an actual garage? lol


Updated the original post with a dl link and a tracklist :slight_smile:


Looking big, will give a listen. I think I asked before, but is anything happening with wormhole? Proper biggie that one


yeah, a shed. lol


Bigups :hooray:


Thank you bro, nothing’s happening with it, I only got back to production recently, I definitely want to make some more tunes now and then start sending them out

Had a really nice chat with Ago & Lapo this weekend when they played on our night in Warsaw and they got me inspired again


Hey, just joined the forum - surprised it has taken me so long…

Recorded this mix the other day - enjoy!


Escapism Refuge- On the Fence [SMOKE032]
Recluse - Rastaman Seen (Subtle Mind Remix) [VCV002]
Mala - Blue Notez [DMZ:010]
K-Lone - Cellar Door [BDMUP006]
Clubroot - Serendipidy Dub [LODUBS - 09002]
Anex - Phobic [DEEPD009]
J:Kenzo - Ruffouse [TEMPA062]
Phaeleh - A World Without [UNDRTW001]
Biome - Rememberance [OTE023]
Cluekid - Hawkeye [BULLFROG005]
Von D + Riskotheque - Like a Bird [DIS011]
Mount Kimbie - Carbonated [CNL003]
Jay 5ive & Kromestar - Deepest Fears [BNL003]
Six Sunsets - Fever Skank [6S001]


An hour long mix of some dub and dubstep


finally kicked off this project that has been in the works for long ting. first edition out now, mixed by yours truly. couple of trainwrecks/sloppy mixing but I’m no DJ so lol fuck it. hope the tracklist is good. Also hold tight for future additions on this series from mans like @DJoe, @shnobs and prolly also someone famous. at least he said he’s in lol

Really hope to get some comments on this since last I recorded something proper was like when I started out and that’s a while ago. also follows on soundcloud or instagram (lockedofffm) wouldn’t make me mad. not tryna build fam but if you fuck wit da vision


can you enable downloads?

I’d be up for contributing too if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Sounding nice, will give a proper listen when I get a minute


sure man. I’ll do that. and PM me for deetz about contribution possibilities


just a tip 4 the future (i know you werent planning on making dl available on 001) but you should upload .mp3 with fully tagged id3 info. Will help you a lot in the long run I think.

Killer mix though, listened at work earlier today. Nice energy boost for the afternoon.

Side rant: Wav needs to die already, so many other lossless formats that are better in every way, but certain companies like Apple refuse to adopt. Flac is like 1/3 the size, still lossless, and can hold tag info.


Cheers a ton man! coming from you that means a lot. nice to boost your afternoon.

yeah lol you know I was about to bounce it into MP3 on audacity but it required downloading the lame file so I just thought fuck it as I wasn’t originally planning to have it as DL, as you said. anyway thanks for the tip that’s definitely something I’ll be considering for the future additions.


DL option is always useful imo, whether for being able to put the mix on your phone and listen anywhere anytime, or just for archiving purposes :wink: