VST deals

Thought I’d make a thread to highlight VST deals which pop up now and again. This just popped up in my twitter feed, I paid a lot more for this myself, highly recommended convolution reverb, best reverb I own tbh, $29 today only apparently…well worth the investment:


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Yeah, good stuff. Waves is tempting the hell out of me with their “Google AdSense” ads popping up on EVERY page I go to haha… They’re killing me with that SSL4000 collection on sale, and repeatedly shoving it in my face at every turn. I haven’t tried that IR1 yet. Hopefully it’ll go on sale again soon, as I’m sure I missed it this time if it was a one day sale. They also have one of their API EQs for like $69 USD (the API 560, I think), which is a lot less than regular price for that thing.

Yeah I love the Waves stuff in general, very good quality stuff imo. I had IR-L for a while and was happy with that using the preset IR’s (and loads of IR’s you can find on the web - I have loads of really nice old reverb units like the PCMs SPXs in there), but upgraded to the IR-1 recently and it’s nice to actually be able to adjust the parameters (which you can’t do in IR-L). Tempted by the Abbey Road plates atm too.

Link to the presets mentioned above…

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Yeah, I use a lot of Waves stuff too. And I hear you, I’ve been seeing those Abbey Road Plates in ads, and have been considering those too. That IR1 is looking pretty sweet too though. Too many choices haha. I think I’m about to go ahead and jump on that SSL4000 collection. I’ve wanted to get that for a while, and it’s still expensive (for me at least haha), but it’s cheaper than I’ve ever seen it.

And thanks for that link my friend. Also, good call on this thread. I’ll definitely be peeking in this one a lot to see if anyone finds any killer deals. Thanks again bro.

What’s stopping you from getting a free convolution plug-in, which is a well-defined algorithm, and manipulating the impulse response as audio?

is there a decent free sampler with automatic timestretching, ie one like ableton’s simpler

that’s the 1 i use and i like to just wack stuff in and play it up and down the keyboard without it sounding really hi pitched fast or really slow

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No SSL4000, no fucking more

You could just work in audio hits, then you can use the warping to repitch, timestretch and set the start point separately. You can also more easily tune between 12tet notes.

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50% off NI/Heavyocity plugins until 3rd March


Got this last week

Sounds VERY nice, I mean really really nice…could easily over-use it, but it is fu*ing heavy on ur ASIO buffer :frowning: could only run a few instances of it before I was overloading my 4k buffer :rage:

99 usd atm reduced from 249 usd

Worth a look for the headphone producers…I know it might seem like I’m in some way affiliated with Waves lol, but honestly I’m not :badteeth:


$49 for 40 hours and counting…

It’s that time of year again.

What are you guys looking at?

I’m thinking of upgrading to Reaktor 6 but still trying to find out how much of a difference there is from 5.

yeah i thought about reaktor 5 to 6 too, probs gonna just get some expansion libraries for superior drummer and maybe some MPC expansion packs

also been looking at that neosoulkeys ‘rhodesy’ kontakt instrument

It looks like there is no special for the upgrade (I think). The only deal is is if you are buying the full install.

I might just get something boring like the NI vintage compressors.

I had forgotten that I had Eventide’s UltraChannel. I just got it installed and activated. Score! I’ve just set up a new laptop in the last couple of months.

loads of waves stuff going cheap

Anyone ever use this? Normally I’d say bah, can do all that myself… but the integrated convolution, filter, granular stuff makes me curious.

(via BPB.)

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I did get the NI vintage compressors and have been using them for the last year. They sound nice. They are made in collaboration with Softube and are emulations of the 1176, LA-2A and the DBX 160.

lol, if it keeps going like this i’ll get their whole product line for 10 bucks, already got Xpand2 and Hybrid for the same price. :corndance:


How usable are the sounds that come with Vacuum? $1 is nothing but I’d rather not make choosing an instrument any harder by saturating my options of choosing an instrument any more if the sounds aren’t high-quality from the get-go.

Edit: I already own Serum, Sylenth1, Komplete 9 with Reaktor 6 and SynthMaster (which I never use tbf).