Well Rounded Records appreciation

Thought I’d make a thread seeing as they’ve announced their second release. WRDUBS01 was this, still probably my fav Foamplate release, still draw for it now, such wonky goodness…Corticyte also strong on the flip

WRDUBS02 is Headland ‘Local’ with Sepia ‘Amber’ on the flip, heard both of these before in recent mixes, another strong release :gunfinger:

not really feeling the label’s new direction
but they released loads of good records before they called it quits a few years ago

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yh bit weirded out by listening to those soundcloud bits. just basic boring dubstep. they use 2 be reallly forward thinking at around 2009-2010 or w/e when they released that garage and funky sound


that ghossst tune tho

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no idea why i posted it in here :joy:

maybe it was a premonition…