What are you listening to/Last song you listened to



Las & Gantz - firepusher



Now that takes me back!!!


Instrumental is on some viv/foamplate wonky tip



IDGAF Sia is sick





This is actually the 2nd worst track of the past 7 - 10 years imo.


You seem to be ignoring a lot of shit songs in that case, hell meghan trainor alone beats out this song


Her name’s familiar, what’s her shit song?
I was gonna say “tonight we are young” song is the worst.


Guilty pleasure

  • Dear future husband
  • all about that bass
  • Marvin gaye

Take your pick


I think Sia has a good voice, like a less polished up Rihanna… rate Rihannas voice too its just a shame for the most part she makes awful songs like Work. Sias tunes are average pop but I like her voice.

I think Chandelier is better than anything off Rihannas new album and I had high hopes for that album.


They all by her? I only now the second one but it’s not as bad as “tonight” or that other shitfest imo.

Cringe in that she’s OTT for sure, but not an overtly bad song to put out, imo.

@muncey, yeah Sia can defo sing, I really like “Breathe Me”, but Chandelier sooooooo bad.


Haha I get that. Guilty pleasure as I said.



I dunno that’s all the songs I actually know by her,don’t actually follow her or anything haha. Her music just really annoys me though