What dubstep tune are you feeling today


anything at all just post a tune


hard to choose between this and angry world need to grab this record

What Dubstep Tune/s Are You Hooked On At The Mo?

Martyn made some of the best 140 ever seen imo


oh my yes, that plate is on my list of ‘why the fuck haven’t i bought this yet it costs like 3 quid’, all i have is memories is the one for me


love it.




Jesus christ @wilson that 1 a hot 1


Sub Basics - one to look for!

(allow rIdIcUlOuS sPeLlInG)


Been battering it since it arrived last week!
(Reply system still catching me out)


might have to cop a copy, sounds lush!



This whole playlist/free download:

If this wasn’t given away and it was announced this would be a history LP with a proper release, people would lose their shit. Rightly so as well cause its solid… all the tunes are decent.


i sometimes get annoyed at producers using stereotypical reggae sounds cause i think it can be pretty bait and obvious and a terrible way to reference the actual philosophy behind dub music but some of the tunes are just so nice (and rsd is a killer producer).


I have a few

Thank you


Toasty in general, but strange days and take it personal in particular


omg take it personal is so good

i prefer angel though that one reallllly gets me


Was listening to a few d1 tunes Baboo, Mucky, No Turning Back, Earth etc.



Bought this yesterday, 50 plays since.