What dubstep tune are you feeling today



Matty G - True Soul


I literally have yet to mix it. Las has done it in mixes before.


bro, posst in the dubs subforum, this thread is for tunes by other people that you’re digging not doing feedback



Ahh yes that wavescape remix is a tune and a half, one of the standouts from dubstep warz imo


I think the Vex’d and Loefah sets were the standouts for me along with the d1 tune dropping into the 10 dread commandments vip



this is such a cessman percy (youthman / B1) http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/69624-dubr1003-joe-ariwa-meets-cessman-chapter-1



Probably posted this before, but fuck me the weight on this


I still remember hearing this one drop on the System rig. It was like another stack had been air-dropped into the room.


Ahh fuck, that sounds so live


Om Unit dropping RWTP was bucket-list material.


Whoever codes a script that can use this thread as a playlist would get like a million :heart:- ons all at once.


Think this tune overall has the best sub of any loefah tune




Aside from maybe horror show, it’s the only loefah tune that’s basically just a straight sub. Really helps bring it to the front


oh fuck I knew this tune for the longest time but I never knew the name of it


I feel like this :smiley: