What dubstep tune are you feeling today


E40 - Choices (Skelli Skel remix)

‘Everyone got choices’


Stealth Altair - Lost highway



Hey to you all. Yesterday i found a part of a song. I think its Dubstep but the Uploader didnt write it in the description. So i am searching for the interpret or the songname for days. https://youtu.be/caAM65ApIFU It starts in this video at 2:30 min . I hope someone knows it. Sry if its in the wrong topic i am new here.



was listening to an old 2007 youngsta w/headhunter show and yunx dropped this

livest set tbh


go on then


gwan jacky


Just found this yesterday, fuck me is it good




You know


First heard this on Kahn’s fact mix. Must’ve been 2011…? Can’t remember. Check it out, great mix.

Instacop, anyway.


i dont really like the faithless vocal samples but this tune slaps


swear down i’d been through all punch drunk releases and got all the ones i wanted already…must have missed this one lol, in the want list :salute:


Up for like a fiver on discogees, definitely gonna be copping. Well it was when I checked the other day anyway


yeah already had a look, pay day tomorrow :mrgreen:


fucking dank

reminds me baaare of kahn and neek - got my ting


Been playing this one quite a bit. Big up the PDX mandem


kinda reminds me of kromestar - get up too

good tune



yeah saw a comment somewhere on the internet suggesting it was an early version

which makes sense cos droid is another kromestar alias

and the drums are really similar, like that ride cymbal

(when does that breh ever sleep seriously guy’s put out about
3 million records)