What dubstep tune are you feeling today


Gonna shamelessly leave this one here.


Feeling this whole EP, I love the NSD Black Label releases and this one just strikes a chord with me in the type of sound I’m going for…I feel like he used a good amount of presets though for this release. Regardless though the mixes and arrangements are epic to me!


I’m soooo feeling this right now so hardcore!!


Some bad tastes on display here. :badteeth:


Respect is key my friend :slight_smile:



I don’t know why but I’ve been gravitating to the Black Label sound… What yall think of it?


Its all quite boring, too much in your face noise without any real substance behind it. The mastering/mixing is awful too everything is pushed so far to the front that even the percussion is just a sidenote to the empty abyss of hard wobz


Anyone feeling those macker bits? Kubrick/untitled is on repeat right here.
Some people seem to think its loefah… Check discogs page, makes sense if you hear the tunes as well.


cant find any uploads of these tunes lol, but curious if its actually some loefah alias shit…discogs says its dubstep tho which makes that sound especially weird.

Upload anyone?


Some clips here:


I don’t think it is actually Loefah, just can’t imagine him returning to doing It’s Yours knock offs.


that minimal roller by AXH on Wheel & Deal last week
with the unusual bleepage & heavy sub



I rate the A side alot. I am a sucker for a vocal sample tho.

Anyone rating any new bits? Feel like I could do with hearing some new tunes for decent lowkey guys.


I was thinking Bonekeeper on the D side.


Me neither, which could explain it’s on a unknown artist name without promotion.

If i wouldve made the plate as my self-released debut plate, id at least post SOME mention such as a soundcloud link. On discogs 1 guy said macker release as a duo on swamp etc etc so im keeping the loefah possibily open.

Edit: i think he said in an interview together with pokes around the its yours release that he made loads of these kind of tunes. Might be one of those…


I asked this the other day

I rate that plate

but idk it sounds cleaner and newer, like someone sat down and tried to emulate those loefah bits

but I’ve been wrong b4


Get this vibe from it, sounds alright though. Might cop it still


yeah like it’s pretty much

it’s yours/horror show

but u know

much cheaper lol


Yeah lol, hold tight loefah making simple tunes so us commoners can attempt to recreate it