What dubstep tune are you feeling today




yes lovely to hear this one again, been ages



I know this just came out recently! ALways been a fan of J:Kenzo


a lot of wonder tunes are a bit on the edge of taste but still sick

like i reckon this’d be better if the vocal just did the chorus hook

probably more grime but classic


obviously, because after many, many bad days, finally, I have a day that isn’t pure shit :slight_smile:




i’ve been rinsing a 2 min clip of this for like probably a year and a half or so, hasn’t been on youtube. such a good tune. reckon it’s got to be fairly recent right?


I reckon he probably made it ages ago…but it’s only come to light fairly recently; just like how he said he made pop pop epic in 2005 but didn’t start playing it out until 2008.

And he’s also said before there’s loads of tunes he’s made that no one has ever heard because he considers his music like a private diary or something like that that I remember him saying in an interview.


Feeling this, been trying to Track ID this for 3 years. Any help out there?




Dayzero & Karnage ep especially spetial structure


What mix is this ripped from?



would’ve loved to go to a skull disco night



what’s the new distance saying? not seen it even mentioned on here


@RKM you mean his tectonic album? its ok, sound design is top notch but it doesnt really connect with me personally.


It’s kinda trappy but it’s still quite decent, that being said under only properly listened to it only kinda skimmed through it but I’ll give it a proper listen sometime


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