What dubstep tune are you feeling today


sick asian vibes


Can someone help me identify this track?



That shandy tune is so sick. Artwork is peakly unfitting though, imo.


Think it’s my favourite shandy tune along with synthy.


@epiccentipede6942 ay fam can you id this?





Can’t lie that’s pretty tough


Pretty cool tune, reminds me of his older stuff (unless this actually is old :eyes: )


grotty tune


Dunno why but I wanna see an ‘officer’ version.




Actually pretty solid bro tbh.
Was actually nodding along for 20 bars or so before I even clocked what I was listening to. Hardly innovating, though it scarcely ever is anyway, but yeah. Might not totally sit down mid dance if that came on.




Holy fuck what a tune


out to the ableton vinyl noise plugin massive.

jk, its pretty cool, but not sure why the high end is filtered so low (i guess to sound more like a vinyl rip?)


Went b2b with a mate for a few hours the other night and he drew for this. Felt defeated. :lol_og: