What dubstep tune are you feeling today


think i discovered DJ Madd through this tune, still in love with it :love:



filth :cannon: :cannon: :cannon: :cannon:




this feels like an underrated release these days

but i discovered it by hearing it in a lot of 2007 sets so i’m assuming it got fully rinsed back in day


Both sides are stupidly weighty, it’s actually a struggle to mix roots dyed dark :lol_og:


One of the illest coki beats idc

been rinsing his tunes quite a bit recently now that I think about it


why tf did i not buy this ep when i found it in the record shop 2 years back



Baboo is one of my top 5 dubstep tunes


Please leave your TruHedCard at the exit.


that D1 12" is the best thing he ever did.

enjoying Fiyah Line by RDG thats been doing the rounds lately, can’t find a clip though.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBdn0_9u1yY I wish i managed to get my hands on the repress :confused:


such a percy, one of his best


probably the closest we’ll get to jah power on wax lol


One of my favourite skream releases

Another one of my favourite Skream releases