What dubstep tune are you feeling today


thank u for posting that omen 1

i’ve heard and rated it before but been rinsing it last couple days


Awesome tune here. Been on repeat since friday.



rinsed this morning



i first heard this tune on getdarker, like…centuries ago. it was seven that was spinning. i have been looking for this track for fucking YEARS. i didn’t think i’d ever find it. given up basically, even when i described it to all the heads i knew they just looked at me like i was fucking mad. and here it is. right here after all these years and its a fucking skream remix. lol

omg, i’m so grateful you posted this like 2 years ago. lol this is so huge to me right now.


Fuckin hell tried to cop that on discogs 2 years ago but I never bought it. :frowning: Cluekid’s a don. One of the first dubstep producers I’ve ever listened to. This plate + the Spider Monkey / Rainy Street Light 10" he released on Box Clever before Black Box / Box Clever got held up in administration and disbanded in 2013 are future classics. It helps that he’s classically trained in music and a jazz drummer too. Shame he’s not active anymore…


slightly worries me that these so called “heads” didn’t recognise the tune haha


i didnt quite remember the vocal parts, i was like " ehhh…ehh…baby cried boom boom boom" lol.


Fucking hell forgot about this, easily one of the heaviest plates I have


the bassline reminds me of bad spirits on shoulders




i love that part at 1:47 where the drums drop out and it’s just the bassline and all the reverb, and then that little sample before the drums come back in

skream was the king of those


Some nice bits on this compilation by RSD


mm and digi of this banger


Always forget how much of a don skream is until I hear his tunes in a mix or on a system


i never forget tbh </3


people still need to remember skream is one of the pioneers that made dubstep what it is today and i would argue in my opinion the sound was better between 2004-2006 when skream was in his prime making big big tunes but again each to their own


tbf the hate he’s got since moving away from the sound has been a bit silly. recalls seeing some jokers on the old forum suggesting he was never very good to begin with a few years ago, smh.


the hate is unwarranted that’s true.

but he was playing a show up here a couple years ago as part of a festival. his set was indoors and extremely lackluster. just didn’t seem like he was really in it. could’ve been a bad day i guess but it was pretty disappointing.


oh trust “music” fans are fickle for the most part