What dubstep tune are you feeling today





Bassline after the vocal (3:30) :surprised:


shitfaced in the club
good memories


i have fond memories of heavily trainwrecking that whole EP when i first started mixing vinyl hehe. Great tunes tho, there is a lot of that stuff from that ‘middle ground’ era that is underappreciated these days


not sure “underappreciated” is the right word :badteeth:

note to self: i should go through my medi crate and sell all that stuff i barely ever play before the discogs craze fad ends


haha true, i just mean, there was a lot of good dubstep put out in that ‘between’ era thats been shadowed by the older anthems and the newer hype train stuff. P much right after dubsterp came to the us, and everyone was focused on hating brostep, then right after everyone hated dungeon which was the response to brostep in many ways.

You could just visit chemical records’ website and find pretty much everything you needed and hardly worry about something selling out. Only worry was the bank account levels.


dont get me wrong, i completely agree with your point

just funny how some labels seem to get all the hype, and otoh you have stuff like blackbox/boxclever releases from that time that you can still get for less than the price of a pack of cigs


Been rinsing this so much recently



That “between” era, around 2012, was when I got into dubstep. Black Box was still active cos Chemical didn’t go into administration, dungeon was in, Youngsta’s Minimal Mondays were at it’s best imo, (2012-2013 was really peak). Although I didn’t really know much about this stuff until 2013.

This is probably the first track that made me think “yeah so this is dubstep” after waddling through shitty youtube music channels for quite a while. Gotta dig in the trash before you find a stockpile of gems.


every other year I lose myself in Kode9’s soundcloud archive of old radio shows & mixes.


Not dubstep really more downtempo but…


Shades EP been getting a lot of play lately.






Nice debut, this