What dubstep tune are you feeling today


Probably the most truhed thing I’ve read all week haha


perhaps, but I think you should send for the author and have like a truhed history war on that discogs page

the glaring spelling and grammar mistakes irritated me more lol


deep & rolling… would’ve thought Cyrus, Distance & yes Loefah (which is why I find his later work unsatisfying) are earlier exponents. Ironically, I didnt get into Shackleton, neither live nor recorded, because I experienced his music as unfocused & only when I came to appreciate some aspects of post-dubstep, could I really listen to Appleblim. Like Vex’d, I couldn’t relate to a complicating element (which may well have been a breaks or techno aesthetic).
But I’m sure somebody could post some examples of stonking rollers that’ll prove otherwise. Sometimes our prejudices are irrational.


Tbf definitely loefah would’ve been the inspiration dark roller tunes, but distance, cyrus and Vex’d to am extent would’ve been the earliest example of the base of the whole dungeon scene. The proper dark, growling and minimal sound, definitely early cyrus and distance tunes like night vision and tuning


what else would u call it?

it’s dungeon dub bro.



last 1 technically grime but oh well


consider yourself warned :no:



RE: origins of Dungeon

You’d be hard pressed to find earlier roots examples than Distance - Nomad/3rd Wish ?


Agreed about Shackleton/Pev/Appleblim being less of an over influence. Musically they were a lot more hazy & pyschedelic than straight dark. Went for more of a chaotic rhythmic & structural haze than the straight mixdown power that Loefah/Distance channeled.

Ofc i’d argue the real roots of dungeon came from diff tempo - early Subtitles/Critical releases, Calyx & Teebee, early Noisia, Zero T, Perez even, there was a stripped back minimal & rolling 170 sound 2 around the time One Of Us came & set the benchmark

Corroborated by the fact that KM produced both tempos

Weird that perhaps we’ve seen a further yet more simultaneous mirroring of this now - where in d&b - jump up & mega hi spec neuro are the two poles atm

Now you have labels like Infernal/System/Foamplate et al producing a good deal of wobblers rather than rollers - although perhaps theres no equivalent to the Hypes/Hazards who seem to transcend lineups at 170 now


Best tune in the thread was posted early


Razor Rekta - Piper. (I’ve been feeling this ever since I heard it almost five years ago!)

Favourite dubplate of all time, his style is fucking amazing. Not sure if it’ll be released but I’d be over the moon if it does.

No link to it on its own (I’ve only ever seen two mixes featuring it) but it drops in around the 16:25 mark here - https://www.mixcloud.com/HEDMUK/razor-rekta-hedmuk-exclusive-mix/

His style and sound design is fucking incredible.


had this pop up unexpectedly in my dream last night






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Fuck, hadn’t listened to a lost Mala dub for a minute…

This one… Every time!!! Just like so many others.

Come on, Mark. Lost Dubs Boxset for Medi100. Time to regain the truheds’ respect :badteeth:


that boxset was supposed to come out 3 years ago…swore on his mothers life as well


I know… not very Jah innit