What dubstep tune are you feeling today


that pad hngg





your taste is shit, please don’t sully this thread with that garbage. if those are the type of tunes you listen to,you’re posting on the wrong forum, find some UKF or melbourne shuffle forums to post on please.


Oh snap… Lace laying down the law. :no:

@IllumiNate don’t poke mama bear breh. She’ll learn ya good.

But yeah…



That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

The thread says “What dubstep tune are you feeling today”

That’s what I posted.




rediscovered this gem off an old cd, soo fun to mix

playing a night next week and im thinking bout playing some throwback cheesed out dungeon vibes on this one, its so fun to mix

better put ur dubstep shoes on @_ronzlo


Dubstep dance is even worse then hardstyle.
Can’t believe how cringe that is.


don’t mind a bit of Widowmaker
nor Eddy who is true to the vibe:

and then there’s oldskool Sparra/Ruckspin with the Silkie vibe:




Best set of the weekend


oh dear. shouldn’t have reformatted to embed.


interestingly annoying



i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have snapped at you. i apologize.
there’s something about “corporate-step” that really irritates me, it’s just not the scene proper… but yes seriously, the comment section of a UKF video on youtube will suit you much better. i’m sure you’d find your happiness there.

again, sorry.


no need to be sorry for having good taste Lice
tho we need to be tolerant
of the ignorant & blasphemous.


One mans trash is another mans treasure. There’s a bunch of treasure in the garbage. I go dumpster diving a lot.


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Because? I think it’s pretty cool when the percs come in.