What dubstep tune are you feeling today


2 tunes that scream 2005 dubstep




Tryple is extremely underrated. Apparently does a lot of ghost production, would be interested to know what songs were actually him.




This one. All the way to the end, very loud. Zoned out on the cycle to work this morning


Yooo, I’ve only heard Dub Island with Chronik spitting over it, never knew the name :gunfinger: (49 mins ish)


One of my favourite Skream tunes





@wilson do you know the track playing at 45 mins? right before Skream - Untitled


I’ve had this on record for ages (got it randomly among the first ever dub stop plates I bought, probably cause theres tes la rok on the flip) and I’ve probably played this max 2 times. willing to ship it away if someone just pays for the postage


this sucks major donkey dick


reached out to the dubstep bin when spinning wax today and drew for this for first time in long ting sounded dece with old joker bits and guido etc


That’s Quest - Mirage off of Hard Food EP


oooooh large up man what a quality tune


this is stupidly deep

absolute percy, how was this not released


personally i like it better than “blood”


this sucks five donkey dicks at once