What dubstep tune are you feeling today


Going through old Tempa releases and thought this was a facemelter of a track.




If there was something on the other side I’d prob buy this. Seem to get the itch for dubstep records when the weather’s bad.



this is so vibes! played it few dubtopia ago on the collynization soundsystem. tore the place apart.


same vocal sample


so simple yet effective, melodiez.
shame this never saw the light of the day


The whole of “Quest For The Sonic Bounty” really, but i’ve really got hooked on this one again.


More grimey but still, big, especially Too Much





@hubb should be right up your alley


Thanks to last 12 posters
for providing me with a weekend soundtrack.



particularly like Raggy Dub
pretty sure it’s the tune Skream played in Sydney in 06 that was like the Sun exploding
& Pussy is a killa
Von D so warm
it seemed Kutz kept the scene going single-handedly for a few months there around 09 with tracks like Tarantula.
my copy of Mad Head is still warped as shit even after paying for it to be flattened,
and Appleblim could pull a ds techno tune eh?
& Blood Diamond is a lovely surprise, kalimbas and all.



listening now
well bells-y >>>>


I think this counts?

fresh anyway. bit of a 2017 update on the old Tectonic sound.


This riddim mix is :fire:



feel like it’s been posted before, but fucking hell. Basically has everything you could want from a dubstep tune, but turned up to 11


fuckk, so good


only copies on discogs atm are non uk, so gonn have to put off copping for a bit again :anguished: