What dubstep tune are you feeling today







Another lowkey dubstep label that put out a couple of releases some years ago and went away quickly. This one’s a heater tho. Also has one of the sickest label logos / artwork.


ye, this one used to do some damage in my sets


Belgium seemed to be big into dubstep in it’s big peak in 2010-ish. Really showed how big of a phenomenon dubstep was back then.


full version of back in the day



yeah D1
and now something from that crazy genius Rhyece
(it sounds like power ambient at first but please persist)

there’s an orgasm around 8.10

and with our old mate:

kicks at 2.20

and the classic:

I wonder where that sjw before his time got to, an asylum?


This always gets me ready for the weekend


second one is a bit :badteeth: but still what a banger xD



darqwan’s Quaker Oats :hmm:



this one always gets stuck in my head, kills me that it probably won’t get released :confused:


:rotating_light: Fresh Deep Medi, out Friday :rotating_light:


Secure your copy here



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