What dubstep tune are you feeling today


have a listen to this:

and tell me you agree with the record store description thus:
"Dark Twitchy Dubby Lo-fi Homage to early Propper Dubstep ala Shackleton"
I like the reference to Propper Dubstep but imo it’s techno.


it’s mad to believe the guy who was producing some of the top dubstep bangers back in that 2010-ish era was a drum and bass MC. These tracks are still so versatile, I heard in an Odeko mix of a Future song being mixed with this. New school trap mixed w/ old school dubstep is a killler combo.


link to that mix? sounds interesting


What’s this one called?


Coki - tortured


around 1:09:00




right before that he plays one of my old homie’s tunes haha, havent heard it in years, surprising to hear it tbh (no idea how this has 420k plays lol)


if you mean SP, he’s still mcing, as is LX-One i think.

Also check out the dnb bits he’s done with Jubei and Dakuan as Code 3

oh yeah and Ben Verse is an MC from Pendulum lol


Eva808 - Selekta


Joker D- who had a couple Tempa bits out, = LX-One


yup, i know, hunted was released as SP:MC+LX-One track, wasn’t it?

feeling this today:


Because it makes my windscreen vibrate on the drive to work


Underrated garage-y track that I’ve found out about some years ago.




This is an underrated percy for me. I remember when I was fully getting into dubstep, this one was announced around the start of 2013, and I was so drawn to it cause it was so mysterious, I couldn’t find any track previews until it released and there was no info about him. There was even a thread dedicated to finding out about his identity and he turned out to be a drum and bass veteran if I recall correctly. :joy: One guy gave out a good hint when he said he didn’t like the B-side “Searching” cause it obviously sounded like it was made by a drum and bass producer haha. Good times on old DSF.

The old Tempa website brings back so many memories.



Yeah Nomine is Outrage, had tunes out on Metalheadz