What dubstep tune are you feeling today





reminds me more of early apple pips stuff than shack


Is it just me into riddim on this forum site?


There are a lot of people who post their own riddim stuff but are not really active on here other than that, most of the regular posters on here are not into riddim at all though so you are definitely in the minority here tbh


Seems so

Dont get me wrong i am into dub but sometimes i need some weight in my tunes




Spoken like a true riddim fan. Nice


Not being a dick or whatever but you 're likely to catch a lot of flack from people for comments like that

The weight in dubstep comes from the sub-bass and most “proper” dubstep tends to focus on those frequencies more than a lot of riddim stuff (seriously I’ve heard so many riddim tracks where the producer seems to have outright forgotten to actually add any sub at all) so the idea of riddim having more “weight” that so-called “proper dubstep” is gonna ruffle a few feathers to say the least


and calling it ‘dub’ is doubly triggering lol


this is true, dub =/= dubstep, totally different genres



:cornlol: at the riddim talk

for the record @kLuster_of_stars used post here, he made some riddim stuff that i actually quite enjoyed

but yeah, agree 100 percent with the other comments


I wish I could post a tune but since joining this forum just yesterday I have come to realize that what I thought was dubstep is not. I havent heard of any of the music on here. Apparently I’ve been into “brostep” all this time. I’m confused and feel like I’ve been lied to for years.


birth of a truhead


Lmao hold tight


first day of the rest of your life my man, it’s all downhill from here



Not necessarily an underrated 12", but the context both Ruffhouse and Therapy goes over people’s heads. I didn’t think of this at first, but I now see this 12" as sort of a divergence from the techno / electro landscape that was prominent back in the turn of the decade. It was sort of like a Swamp 81 12", except full-on dubstep. Ruffhouse was a slow lurching electro 808-rinsed banger, while Therapy had obvious techno / dub-techno influences.


Fuuuck, forgot how sick therapy is