What dubstep tune are you feeling today


I still remember hearing this one debut on youngsta’s show lol. Memory priorities are fucked.



As much as this track hits all the checks on the guilty pleasure list, I still love this track. Sure, it was released on a bait label, and it’s classifiable as music that would be on that shitty MrSuicideSheep or whatever garbage youtube “chill music” channels are out there, but the whole EP had a sense of genuine, intimate emotion and organic sounds and textures that was a cut above the rest. I remember listening to this during late nights back in late 2012 / early 2013 when I was getting into real dubstep. Middle school memories :lol_og:


i truly love your enthusiasm but its a bit jokes that youre posting your own 2012 youtube comment sounding descriptions on the tunes.

tune sounds like a car commercial tho


:embarassed: considering how i’m almost half-roasting the track, I wouldn’t really consider my introspections to be youtube comments. but yeah, i always get enthusiastic with posting on this forum and im more confident here compared to venting this out on twitter or wherever.

car commercial barely sounds like an apt comparison though :hmm:


haha i understand it, no harm, im just being a weenie

I think what gets me is that you speak with an overly serious vibe and confidence about the subject, like a historian or something. And its a bit funny

not hating tho, just pokin fun at ya


Sometimes I consider myself to be a dubstep historian :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle: despite having followed the scene, mainly through old DSF, for the past 5+ years.


yeh exactly :cornlol:



if we’re gonna start policing being a corny dork on DSF its gna be a lotta work



ngl that one’s pretty bland IMO but those guys did have some really cool stuff…


oh gosh


This will release soon on Gourmetbeats I heard. :ok_hand:




cyclops played this in plug



I’m feeling a lot of Burial today. One of those days, and I have a lot of thinking to do.


Amazing tune


Rahh, I should’ve been paying more attention


highly recommend his 2016 album