What dubstep tune are you feeling today


skrillstep. i remember this black guy was like have you heard this dnb and he puts on skrillex in his car with subs. i showed him rob booths show, ive been listening to that since like 2007. thats what got me into dubsteb. not that skrill shit.

theres a couple cool skrillex songs but he put the worst song of his on. he was like 20 and didnt have good taste in music. the good old days when everyone was talking about dubstep. now no one talks about it


Hearing this double dropped with topper top was honestly one of the nuttiest things I’ve heard in a dance


Forthcoming on ZamZam


Speaking of headland

Completely forgot about this tune until my copy arrived the other week. That main bass has been stuck in my head


all about this one tho

dubstep tune of the year for me tbh


Ooh nice


All about these imo




Sounds a lot like Cha, but a big tune still


from our crew’s little free netlabel thing:



this is one of those perfect dubstep tunes, it absolutely slaps, still has that dark rolling techy vibe to it and is constantly evolving every 16 bars, legit eyesdown banger


I always end up rinsing it out for a bit, then forgetting about it for a couple months and then the cycle repeats


Slept on tune, this would smash up any dancefloor


classic pirate bay skream discography 128kbps vibes


ye biggy


played this one when i was opening up for kryptic minds back in the day on a 50k watt system, was shocking haha heaviest tune of the set. Some tunes just reach extra deep

this one as well, had people plugging their ears lol


Sounds like…

Both are bangers in their own right.


what tune is this lads? annoying me that i cant remember id, d1?

14:39 if the timed link dont work