What dubstep tune are you feeling today


Haha funnily enough drop the waste got played last night, was a nice surprise

Darqwan - gud money btw


aye, thanks for the ID.

you end up catching that tetrad set?


Man what a tune, I’d forgotten that one



Yeah was well good from what I remember, was a bit fucked at that point though haha


yeah that one gets regular rotation, absolute banger



Rob Sparx was so hit and miss but this one is a proper favourite of mine, the way that midrange synth creeps in slowly gets me gassed every time, works proper well for doing long blends in the mix, under-rated tune imo




It’s actually peak how many dubs karma has, man needs more releases


damn that one is serious!


one of my favourites


Still feeling kinda dumb I didnt cop this one.
Thought the A side was kinda generic grime but this bangs:



Those early vivek plates on medi are so good


Out of reach is a personal favourite, I learnt to mix with that plate cause it’s one of the easiest tunes to mix at 140 and sounds great with almost everything

Edit; woah just checked it’s 2012 - been buying vinyl and got my first turntables 6 years this year.

No wonder I have no savings.


You fucking know, such a pleasure to mix it. Asteroids was probably the plate I used the most when I first started mixing


@cyclopian heard this in that last show you did, such a stomper


yeah love that one, not too many people know it either

this one is p heavy as well :slight_smile: