What dubstep tune are you feeling today


This is basically riddim done well


speaking of riddim done well… the rest of his music is hot garbage though


been on a wobbly tip lately, i love how it’s the same wobble over and over but still interesting

wish this had come out, but newham gens done a vocal that’s apparently never coming out (got pulled from YT with a copyright strike from Dirtee Stank)


riddim done well imo:



totally forgot about that ringo recordings collection album, theres some srs heat on there



dubstep allstars 3 :gunfinger:


New Sleeper on System!




That bass on the first beat reminds me a bit of the drone from die brucke


criminal that this never came out


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On repeat the whole weekend


fucking hell

rediscovered this one while mixing with a mate today


It’s probably a bait hype tune by now but kahn’s abattoir is getting love from me for the last few days


Love the flip on that one too!


Bit of a stretch to call it dubstep, but this reminds me of more experimental times for the genre, older Hessle and that. Love it

This as well