What dubstep tune are you feeling today






Dirty 2-step groove. Wicked.





that return ii space EP man. Feel like people almost sleep on it cus its not an expensive DMZ 12 or legendary dubplate but all those tunes are so fucking good. Just this and Pop Pop epic are 2 of the dopest things malas ever produced imo. The tunes are so fucking huge and cinematic sounding that even if its just 6 bangers after each other it pretty much works fully as an album too. Really peak examples of his uncloneable style. Can’t slot tunes like these into any dubstep niche. Its not a “meditational” type deep tune, its not really a dubby one or a tearout one or a roller or anything its just it’s own thing.

Also wtf happened to that DMZ box set that was gonna finally give us good non rip digis of everything?


It took me a while to get Pop Pop Epic, but yeah, epic it is.
Eyez is just magical, still remember hearing it on that Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Return II Space is the best track on that EP for me, when that lead melody comes in, jeeezus


Wtf happened to deep medi while we’re on the subject :thinking:


Return II space is sick, i think i bought one of the last copies off redeye and got one of the white picture discs :corndance:


One of my favorite tracks of all time! I am looking for similar stuff in anyone has some ideas.



came across this in my collection today and couldnt find it on youtube so i made a quick video for it and put it up




Would love to hear that with some leftfield stream of conciousness rapper over it.
Sage Francis or similar…